Over the past two years, the qualities of our existing sanitary products have been improved by nanotechnology. We have developed a durable, non-removable nano-coating for our products, which provides anti-bacterial protection.

Our sanitary products can be divided into two groups: basins and shower trays. In the future, we plan to re-manufacture of bath tubs which had previously a great success.

The 50% of our products are shower trays, 50% are basins in a range of sizes. In recent years, it was realized that due to the increasing competition in the market, we should turn towards new and innovative technologies.

The development of production was achieved through the introducing of industrial robotics.

Taking into account the structural and morphological properties of our products, by using special nanoparticles added substances are used, which prevents bacteria, fungi and other contaminants adhesion to the surface. As a result of these improved hygiene conditions, the chance of infection is greatly reduced.

Simultaneously, the use of disinfectants can be minimized, so the coating is environmentally friendly and skin-friendly.